F.B.I. discloses 250 pages of internal shooting incident review reports

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has disclosed another batch of internal shooting incident review reports in response to my Freedom of Information Act lawsuit with the New York Times (pursued by the NYT’s lawyer David McCraw and the annual NYT First Amendment fellows, currently Tali Leinwand).

The names of the people who were shot are redacted unless they were killed. Fatal shooting incidents in this batch include the 2013 shooting of Anthony Meeks in Charlotte; the 2013 shooting of Tevin Hammond in Philadelphia; the 2012 shooting of Frank Eric Martinez in Los Angeles; the 2013 shooting of Jimmy Lee Dykes in Alabama (the rescue of a kidnapped child in bunker hostage rescue after a six-day siege-see the ABC News story on the link); and the 2013 shooting of James Lee DiMaggio in Idaho (the kidnapper of cheerleader, later made into a TV movie).

There are also newly available Civil Rights Division decline-to-prosecute memos for the 2013 killing of Jason Moore in Peoria (the “high school reunion” shooting); the 2012 killing of Fallacy Myers in Dayton; the 2013 killing of Scott Evans in New Market, Tennessee; the 2013 killing of Gerardo Delgato in Miami; the 2013 killing of Anthony Starnes in Richmond, Illinois; and the 2013 killing of Allen Desdunes in New Orleans.

The newly available pages are numbered in the lower right corner at NYT-816 to NYT-1082. That numbering is slightly off the PDF pages because there are several missing pages that we are still litigating over. The massive document set is below, but it’s probably easier to use in a DocumentCloud viewer, where I have indexed years and “bad shoots.”

None of these newly available reports involve “bad shoots” so I don’t immediately see a news article in them, but I’m adding them to the growing public library of such incidents that this and previous iterations of the litigation have brought to light. That library dates back to 1993.

If you come across this page and see something in these reports that is worthy of greater attention, please contact me.

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