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Rodney Joffe’s De-Censored Complaint v Neustar about Bulk DNS Sales, Alfa Bank and Trump

Chancellor Kathaleen St. Jude McCormick, a judge in Delaware, has ordered a previously heavily redacted court document to largely be made public, partly at my request. It is a complaint that Rodney Joffe filed against his former company, Neustar, in a lawsuit over whether Neustar has to pay his legal bills for matters arising from […]

A Trip to Syria: ISIS Fighters’ Children Are Growing Up in a Desert Camp. What Will They Become?

I accompanied a military-escorted congressional fact-finding trip organized by @LindseyGrahamSC to look at detention of ISIS men & wives & children operated by a Kurdish-led militia that is the main US partner in northeastern Syria. Story has just posted: This is what Al Hol — the vast camp for refugees and others displaced by war […]

The FBI’s 2021 Review of 9/11-Related Investigations With Saudi Links

This interesting 130-page report from July 2021 was included in a tranche of otherwise much older documents related to the government’s investigations into links between the 9/11 hijackers and various Saudi officials and agencies, which have been declassified as a result of Biden’s Executive Order 14040. Ahead of the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks […]

Live-tweeting the Sussmann-Durham trial May 26

Good morning from the E. Barrett Prettyman courthouse in Washington DC, where the Sussmann-Durham trial is set to resume. Yesterday the prosecution wrapped and defense witnesses began. As of last evening, defense had not decided whether Sussmann himself will take the stand./1 The defense will NOT be calling Sussmann to testify./2 Judge makes sure Sussmann […]

Two Sussmann-Durham Case Pre-Trial Threads

Another development for in-the-weeds enthusiasts of the Durham-Sussmann case: the defense has a new filing with a bunch of handwritten notes of a March 6, 2017, FBI meeting attended by Baker at which there was knowledge that Sussmann had a client. /1 The defense appears to be planning to use this to suggest that […]

Today’s Pre-Trial Hearing in the Durham-Sussmann Case

I attended a pre-trial hearing in the Durham-Sussmann case this afternoon at which a litany of evidentiary issues were discussed, many without resolution. It was far too weedy/incremental for a general-reader news article, but here’s my impression of takeaways for enthusiasts. /1 Team Durham (lead prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis) will call Perkins Coie’s managing partner to […]