PCLOB Releases Its (Very Redacted) XKEYSCORE Study

Back in December 2020, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board completed a report on the National Security Agency’s XKEYSCORE system, whose existence had come to light as part of the Snowden leaks. XKEYSCORE is a software program that N.S.A. analysts use to query the vast repository of stuff that the agency has sucked up, including through bulk collection of communications abroad or foreign-to-foreign stuff transiting the U.S. network under Executive Order 12333. The report was entirely classified at the time, but a few months later a Democratic PCLOB member, Travis LeBlanc, got declassified and released a lengthy statement basically saying the report was garbage, which I wrote about for the New York Times. Anyway, the agency has now released a declassified version of the report itself, though it is so heavily redacted that I don’t see anything newsy to write about in it that wasn’t brought to light in the flap over the LeBlanc statement in 2021. Here it is: